Our Mission

77 Films is a full spectrum production company, launched in 2012 and based in Los Angeles.

The 77 mission is simple: create evocative, visual stories in collaboration with premiere storytellers, artists, craftspeople and companies.

The focus for 77 is emotion – we want to take the viewer on an exhilarating ride, diving down to the core of the human condition, elevating to the height of aspiration and hope, and exhibiting effectively for the entire world to see.  We apply that standard to each and every story we tell.

The end goal… Reaching an appreciative, active audience with stories that touch lives, elicit laughter, bring tears, lift with hope, and ultimately celebrate life.

Today, 77 Films has surpassed what we envisioned in 2012.  We will continue to pour everything we have into the things we make – it’s our supreme focus, and our sincere privilege.
Thank you for visiting our site, we hope to hear from you.